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Saturday, February 16, 2013

NES bootleg

So I found this out in the wild today.  I paid 12 bucks for it.  I figured that was a pretty good deal considering that I have never seen one in person, ever.  20 games in one.  No end label.  Games are in numerical order on the front exactly how they are spelled - Waterpipe 2, Waterpipe 1, Battle City, F1-Race, Road Fighter, Execite Bike, Base Ball, Pin Ball, Mahjong 2, Exerion, F-16 Star Force, Knights in Fight, Kung-Fu, Donkey Kong 3, Galaza, Ice Llimber, Pac Man, Circus Charlie, Wild Geese Honting, Gun Fighting in Grano West.

Here is a picture of the back
Notice, there is no label but the same caution message is embossed on the back.  Also, those are not screw holes.  The whole thing is made of crude, cheap plastic and snaps apart.
Here is a picture of the inside.
Look!  It appears to be a Famicom board with a NES 72 pin adapter.  Odd.  Also, notice on the left, on the adapter, there is another IC chip crudely soldered to the pins.  Maybe something to do with disabling the NES 10 lockout chip?

Anyway, time to fire this thing up.
Here is the title / select screen.  Notice the Bubble Bobble character even though Bubble Bobble is not on the cart.  He is shooting bubbles.  Most of the games are named different than what is listed on the front and they are labeled A through T.  Game A Super Kid (2) or number 1 Waterpipe 2 is Super Mario Bros. with a hacked title screen that says Super Kid instead of Super Mario Bros.  Game B Super Kid (1) or number 2 Waterpipe 1 is a Mario Bros.  It is so glitchy that when you jump it only half jumps.  The turtles act weird and bounce backward on the top of the screen and appear to be eating the zero on the end of the score.  The game is unplayable.

This is game C - Battle City.  It is a 1 or 2 player tank battle game with 35 selectable levels and a construction mode to make your own levels.  It is like a suped up version of Combat for the Atari 2600.  It is actually pretty cool.

Game D - Zippy Race is a Pole Position clone with 3 selectable tracks.  It plays pretty smooth and is almost identical to Pole Position 2 for the Atari 7800.  Game E - Road Fighter is just like the NES version.  Game F - Excite Bike is the same as the NES version except that everywhere it is supposed to say Nintendo in the background has been taken out so it is just blank signs.  Game G - Baseball is the same as the Famicom version with the Nintendo's taken out.  It has Japanese writing in it.  Game H - Pin-Ball looks identical to the NES version.  The flippers seem a little faster however.  Game I - Mahjong is a Mahjong game with Japanese writing.  Game J - Fire-Peacock is Exerion for the Famicom.  Game K - Thunderbird F-16 is Star Soldier with no title screen.

Game L - Zingia is a weird Kung Fu Heros style game.  It is way faster though.  Game M - Yie Ar Kung-Fu is the Famicom version of the arcade game.  Game N - Gorilla is Donkey Kong 3 with a hacked title screen that says "Gorilla 3".  Game O - Galaga is the same as the NES version.  Game P - Ice Climber is the same as the NES version with a slightly different title screen and a stage select of all 32 stages.  Game Q - Pac-Man looks and plays identical to the NES version.Game R - Circus is identical to Circus Caper for the NES except for a hacked title screen that says "Circus Troupe".  Game S - Duck Hunt looks and plays identical to the NES version.  Finally, Game T - Wild Gunman also looks and plays the same as the NES version expect maybe a slightly different title screen.

Weird stuff overall.  Not a bad pickup for 12 bucks.  Anyone know what it is worth?  I have not been able to locate another copy anywhere online.