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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jaws NES Review

Jaws is one of those games that kinda grows on you.  Most people hate this game and say it sucks and only play a few minutes of it and get bored.  The game is actually quite challenging and fun if you give it a chance.  The game kinda plays like an RPG.  You travel back and forth between ports on the ocean with your boat collecting power ups which can be bought with conch shells.  It is totally random when you get thrown into "battles" with stingrays, sharks, and jellyfish.  Sometimes they drop shells or stars which are different point values and you can collect crabs which make your diver faster.  You can also get a submarine which has bombs that go down as well as straight shots.  The game is very basic and you will sometimes run into jaws and he has a lot of power.  You also get bonus rounds about every 3 "battles" in which you are flying an airplane dropping bombs into the sea hitting jellyfish.  You can get a lot of shells in the bonus rounds which you trade in at ports to raise your power level.  After you bring jaws' power level meter down to zero, you go into another scene where you have a chance to kill him to win the game.  You have 3 strobes that you activate to make jaws pop out of the water and then stab him with your boat when he is close.  If you don't bring jaws power down to zero you can keep playing to rack up your score.  I think I have gotten about 140,000 for a high score without making a calculated high score run.  Overall I give the game a 7 out of 10 with excellent game play and fun factor.   

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