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Thursday, July 5, 2012

River Raid and the Atari 400

So everyone has played River Raid on the Atari 2600 right?  Well, have you ever played it on the Atari 400 computer?  It is awesome.  The Atari 2600 version is awesome, don't get me wrong, but the Atari 400 version rocks!  The graphics are better and there is a lot more stuff going on.  There are tanks on the shore / bridges that shoot at you, there are hot air balloons, and the shoreline has definition.  The Atari 400 computer is far superior to the 2600 VCS.  I guess it was a lot more expensive back in 1978 when it came out so it's processor is better.  I plan on picking up more 400 games on ebay or wherever I can find them.  I see them out in the wild occasionally and I always try to pick them up when I see them.  I got River Raid, Super Breakout, and Basic Programing for 4 bucks each at a secret location in South Lyon a few days ago.  I picked up Frogger and Asteroids at a flea market a few weeks ago as well.  I also have Missile Command, Pac Man (Awesome port!), Star Raiders, Donkey Kong, and Centipede.  I also just bought Pitfall on Ebay yesterday for a mere $6 shipped.  I am looking forward to that one as the graphics and sound should also be far superior to the 2600.  Man I love the Atari computer!

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