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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Onslaught - Sega Genesis Review

Wow.  That's not a good wow.  This is an unlicensed game that came out in 1989 and it is terrible to say the least.  It is side scrolling platform style.  The control is terrible, almost impossible to control.  Button presses are laggy and you press up to jump.  It is almost impossible to hit someone with your weapon because it is so slow.  The levels are so repetitive that it feels like you are making no progress.  Also, there is no sound effects, just terrible, repetitive music playing over and over.  The game is colorful, and that is about the only thing positive about it.  Overall, this game gets 2 out of 10 stars and I am being super generous.  I would recommend not to even bother with this game unless you like crap games.

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